Too many thoughts!

I’m reading Doctors these days. At once I feel like becoming a Doctor myself. It must be too good a feeling to save a life, to be the agent behind giving a new being to this planet, to restore someone’s vision etc etc.However, there is a completely different perspective somewhere in the novel – that these ‘Doctors’ are idolised by us like GOD but from within they are the most vulnerable of the lot.

This another feeling must be totally different from the earlier one – When you are in sync with yourself; you are at peace with others around you or is it the other way around? May be…….

When I jog in the morning, initial feeling is that two rounds not more than that…… But, as I complete two rounds, it so refreshes me that I continue and continue and after that a cold water bath……. washing away all your sins…… Did I commit any?! Na!! How could I? I am so very gentle…. ha !!

I feel like writing some more. But, I have my company bus at 7:15. If I miss that, I’ll go with Sardaar. One mustn’t depend on public transport. It’s so paralysing. Once I buy my own bike – ‘A Blue Pulsar’; I’ll be on my own. 


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