Fathers and Sons

Barney wants to marry Emily but she is hell bent not to marry. Reasons – none given, none taken. Then they move in to stay together and she thanks Barney profusely for being so understanding. Barney however does not know what to understand…. One day he wanted to know why she cant marry him and he wanted this knowledge badly. She did tell – She couldn’t bear children and as much she knew Barney he had always wanted to father a child. Barney is hurt but nevertheless he asks Emily not to desert him. And Emily says she wont till Barney kicks her out.

What kind of feeling is this – being a father?! We have seen it so may times……. varying degree of intimacy between a Son and a Father. On one side you are reminded of ‘Love Story’ where Ollie(Ryan O’Neil) and his father never see eye to eye. And on other side, there are movies like ‘Life is Beautiful’, ‘DDLJ’ where you have the father doting on their sons. Let me guess – Does the father want to give to his son what he himself couldn’t get in his youth? When fathers want that their sons should come 1st in the class is it merely because they want the best for their sons or is there a hidden feeling to see your flesh, your blood( atleast a part of it) acheiving the same that you did not.

Another movie that I’m reminded of is Godfather-II -> remember that look in his(de Nero) eyes when he watches over his newly born son Sonny.

We men have this enigmatic trait as a part of our character- we very openly display our love for our ladies but when it comes to our sons esp when they are grown up we are probably too proud to show it….. strange isn’t?


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