Life in general….

I have always believed that blogs should be small and (hence,) interesting otherwise they become too long to be read at one go unless they really touch you in some personal way. Should you write about your office, workload and deadline? Though nobody stops you from doing so but personally I wont be interested in who is not coping well in his/her workplace, who is finding his/her work highly unrewarding etc.

The other day I was discussing with a friend of mine(who is really a thinking animal!) about where to look for life! Is it to be looked for in your workplace or outside it? Or may be both! Why are so many people not happy with what they are doing? Why Team India plays Khokho so vigorously as to have damaged ankles and tissues – the reason given is playing too much cricket might be boring………. Hey! that is your job man. What do you mean you get bored with playing cricket and so to recreate you play Khokho…… That means you don’t belong there…. get out of it….simple!

Well, it’s not another of those ‘Why India Lost’ kind of blog and I must say it(India loosing a match) hardly makes a significant difference to my state of mood…… as in Who cares!!

I play Squash these days and I really enjoy it. I look forward to it everyday……. play, play and play till you have no energy left in you body. I take a chilled shower then and jump into swimming pool. The water is so cold it almost makes you numb. I have this strange feeling – I want to see myself swimming! I want to see whether my movements are graceful or does it appear as if I’m trying too hard – there are too many things a man wants to know about himself……. Am I self-centered? Not that I care……..

After I’m exhausted I take another shower and then go home –  I’m discovering that biking could be fun too!

 Life in general is good at the moment!


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