In continuation…..

….. I was talking of The Namesake and Dor….There is Indianness about both the movies which appear to have an appeal that goes beyond boundaries……

A typical Bengali couple immigrated to ‘Land of Opportunities’ and trying to find sync with ‘It’s America’…….

The book had also impressed me but the movie is more than a mere adaptation…..

It clearly shows how a man keeps wondering about, searching for an identity, a truth to substantiate their existence……. only to have found nothing in the end and feel more than Lost……. So when does this self identification really occur – when you find your roots and start accepting those roots -howsoever awkward those may be…… We accept so much of newness these days that there hardly seems to be any place for the old and beautiful! There is hardly any coherence between Old and the New and this lack of coherence results in a state of ‘belonging to nowhere’….. Some small incidence brings everything into perspective and we see ourselves more as what we are rather than what others expect us to be…….

ll continue!!


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