I’m BAD at……

Too often we write abt things we are good at…… today I feel like writing abt things I’m not so good at – 🙂I think I’ll do it point wise so that It could be easy for me to edit if and when the need arises…..

[1] Maintaining relations…… 

Though I always have some (very few but) very good friends at different stages of my life but with time I tend to loose them. I know they are right in reaching to a conclusion of their choice ‘cuz I myself never present an alternative choice to them! And why only friends…. it happens even with my family members- whosoever said “Blood is thicker than water” must never have met someone like me for whom both are equally thin….. Ha ha ha! Sometimes I think that I’m just carrying a certain relation and may be it should be wrapped in pages of memory to be opened some later time and then, I do just that!!

[2] Managing my money……. 


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