>Love – what’s that?!


Little by little I grow stronger in your arms

And my crave for you knows no bounds

What’s that ultimate destination –

or is the word nothing but an illusion?!

Men like me tend to consummate

everything with their seal of love

And women like you believe

not in destination,

not in the ultimate –

They savor the journey more than the goal.


Is it a mere coincidence that

our paths crossed?

Or did life have some other design

a design – more meaningful as

and when it unfolds.

Probably yes

Probably no…..


Just to let you know –

I craved for you today again

But, me being a man

incapable of love

(Love is for ordinary men and women)

would let it die its own death

And you being a woman

capable of self-denials

would just live in pain

and begin to savor it…….






1 thought on “>Love – what’s that?!

  1. >You write terrific verse !! I read the last one and it sounds amazing. Is that pain for real? Keep up the good work !BTW, wordpress is quite partial for not allowing to post something without a username..not fair at all !! I went through the trouble of creating a username to respond… PS: I would try writing something soon – a bit more interesting

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