Dr Zhivago, Exodus and Dr Zhivago…

I dont remember when i started with Dr Zhivago, when i left it in between and when i took up Exodus…. Had to dump Exodus in between only to realise that the copy which Vera had with her was already misplaced. She is going to get the other copy from home. By the time it(Exodus) arrives i had better read Dr Zhivago…. i have already started with it again from where i left it….

Updated : 17-Jan-2008

I’m about to finish Dr Zhivago….. conclusion followed by the epilogue… poetry part i’ll be taking up later…. and hopefully would watch the movie with Vera… more than me it is she who is impatient with my reading speed… but somwhow i have never checked my reading speed….

Updated: 18-Jan-2008

Yesssss. I finished it…. poetry remains to be read but that will happen slowly… in the meanwhile, i’ll watch the movie and then write a review…. And i hope Sharayu gets Exodus from her home and I can start from where I left it….


1 thought on “Dr Zhivago, Exodus and Dr Zhivago…

  1. Does Exodus mean going away to coming home later .U r book will also come back .then we will have your comments on it as you read it.

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