work from home or the traditional arrangement

I was discussing this topic with few of my friends. I was of the view that individuals allowed to work flexible schedules at home will be both more productive and happier.

In this case, the person will get more time to spend with his/her family. More time spent with the family would mean lesser household burden on any one of the couple. Needless to say, confrontations and fights would reduce and people will be happier. A happy mind would definitely be more productive and innovative.

Another major advantage would be a life free of traffic. It might just be a wishful thinking but, life without traffic woes really be better. To add to that, by not being part of the traffic, we would not be contributing to the traffic. There would be lesser consumption of fossil fuel resulting in reduced pollution.

Even the company would be able to save on its office space, parking space, electricity bill etc.

Contrary to this, close supervision of workplace doesn’t leave a good taste in mouth. Also, human beings tend to defy rules when it stifles them. You don’t feel like belonging to the company and hence, your productivity is marred.

However, any liberty in due course of time tends to be misused. To continue with such a policy would primarily depend on the way employees respond to it.


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