Maximum City by Suketu Mehta

I’m currently reading Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City. Mr Mehta moved to USA at a very delicate age and as a result he could neither completely abandon his chidhood spent in Mumbai nor be accepted by American society. His decision to move back to Bombay (renamed as Mumbai) is not met with such enthusiastic responses from the city of his childhood. I’m beginning to like the narration but i don’t completely agree to his views. Being not a big fan of Shiv Sena and its ideology (or shall i say tactics), I tend to agree with Mr Mehta on many counts. Still…


All the facts seem to have come after a thorough research. His insight on Rent Act can make the reader sympathetic towards the plight of current landlords who seem to have become a victim of law. An interesting account of Bombay underworld! Various gangs and their lords viz. Dawood, Chhota Shakeel, Chhota Rajan and Gavli – there is an almost factual narration on all of them. The book is nearly unputdownable. Still reading…


Finished reading Maximum City this weekend. Would recommend it to anyone who has traveled in Mumbai local, eaten a Vada Pav and felt the spirit of this city as far different from other cities like Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore. No other city has such a brilliant mix of old and new. Mumbai reinvents itself daily through zillions of people all having different agenda and still co-existing. March on Bombay…

p.s. It’s a city with the minimum road rage.


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