Ooty-Kunnoor-Madumalai trip

Day 0: Woke up at 5:30 am. It was raining. All three looked sleep-deprived. Plan shelved.

Day 1: Woke up at 6. No rains. Left at 7:30 am for Ooty. 3 of us were on 2 bikes. Had light breakfast on the way. Took NH 212 and followed Vythri-Gudalur road. The road condition was good in Kerala except the dreaded 9 hairpins in Ghat section. In TN, road condition was pretty bad. We were stopped by traffic police in TN. I did not have my Pulsar bike papers. However, Saurabh did not stop. We were saved. Learning # 1. Carry necessary documentation when traveling long distance esp TN. Weather did not trouble us till we were on the outskirts of Ooty. Stopped to have tea and Daal Pakoda. The taste of tea changes as soon as one enters TN. Reached Ooty. Hunt for hotel started. Caught hold of an agent but he was not good enough. We were already exhausted but did not settle for anything cheap. Learning # 2. It is better to make the booking beforehand to save time and effort. After almost 1.5 hours, we found Glanton Manor. Nice hotel, located near Charring Cross. We negotiated the tariff. Recommended. But not good for couples who are looking for isolation and are particular about hotel location.  We freshened up and went out. We walked along Charring Cross or the main market area of Ooty. Ate some homemade chocolates and fudge at KingStar. They (King Star) are the oldest and the best. But beware of new, spurious branches with the same name. Rum and raisin was the winner. They also had some amazing choc fudge which just melted in our mouths. The price is 400 INR per kg. One can take some to eat at home. I did:) The evening at Charring Cross was beautiful with nice weather (thankfully, rain did not lay a spoilsport). It looked all the more beautiful with a well lit fountain at the junction.


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