Meeting old friends at IIM B

This weekend I was at IIM B for Sangram’10. Got to meet Maddu, Kodhi. It was nice to know about the latest development in Mayank’s life. Though I am not sure if it was KF Premium at Guru Garden which made him reveal this. But, I agree that people ought to take their time in breaking some news. Ankur is going to Agra for his engagement on 17th. He has asked me to attend his wedding on 7th Feb which I surely will provided everything goes well. We three had a long discussion on why marriage and why can’t two people just continue as couple. Can there be a correct answer to it? In the words of Mayank – I feel happy seeing her as my roommate but as a wife well…

Also met few juniors from ISM and Tilaiya who were at B presently. Shubham, Sumeet and Ravi. Ravi (Vaishali’02) is a junior from Tilaiya days and is currently in PGP I. Sumeet (Electrical’10) and Shubham (CSE’07) are from ISM. Sumeet’s father Mr Pramod Kumar is a Tilaiyan. Small world:)

I was at B in 07/08 (?) while Sree was there. A lot has changed since then. A lot will change from now.

p.s. We lost 10-3. Volleyball was a disaster:(


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