एक इशारा तो दो
कि उम्मीद जगे बाकी के इंतज़ार के लिए.
बातें कर के दिल नहीं भरता अब
कि बातें करने वालों की फेहरिस्त बड़ी लंबी है.
हम तो फ़ेसबुक, मेस्सेंजर, वॉट’स ऐप से आगे जा पहुँचे हैं
और एक तुम हो
जो अभी भी हमें sms से खुश करना चाहती हो.
काश तुम्हारे भी थोड़े बाल सफेद होते
और तुम्हें भी जल्दी होती मेरी तरह
फ़ासले तय करने की.


तुम्हारी कमी

इस भीड़ और कोलाहल में
तुम्हारी कमी खलती हैI
ऐसा महसूस होता है
जैसे सपनों की बोली
लगी हो बाज़ार में
और मेरी ज़ेब खाली होII

Jagjit Singh, tape recorder and those cassettes

अपने हाथों की लकीरों में बसा ले मुझको
मैं हूँ तेरा तो नसीब अपना बना ले मुझको
another timeless classic from Jagjit Singh. Isn’t he one of the main reasons why most of us started listening to gazals? In an earlier life, we had a small tape recorder and used to buy Jagjit Singh cassettes. Wonder who got those cassettes in the end! I guess it never ended.

Some of those cassette covers –


>Looking back…


Something doesn’t feel right. I’ll be writing the last exam at IIM Kozhikode tomorrow. Should I feel happy that it is finally over? Ideally I should. At least that is what I always wished since I came here. Funny how feelings change with time! One more farewell in the list of so many – Sainik School, ISM, Infosys, IIM. The moments of initial relief (once that week or fortnight or month sets in when you finally have to call it quit) last not very long. Very soon you want to do everything again – EVERYTHING. Going on long bike trips in and around Kerala, sitting and gossiping in Night Canteen, cribbing about the system, giving birthday bumps, fighting hostel wars, night outs for exams, endless cups of coffee etc. etc. The list is long. For some it would be longer. You wonder if you did all you could. Probably not. But where is the time to regret? There is not enough time for anything. You feel a void. You look at so many faces around you and you wonder whether they feel the same.
Yes, they do. They sure do.

>Last lecture


Why are we a country of mediocrity? People respond. Low risk appetite, red-tapeism, mediocrity breeds mediocrity (urs truly speaketh!) etc etc. Prof Ram shows us few slides of Combodian capital Phnom Penh. Then Angkor Wat. Torture centers during Khmer Rouge regime led by a teacher of French literature and history Saloth Sar better known as Pol Pot. Few slides showed the killing fields where people were dumped in open graves after being killed. There are many non-diffused landmines still present in the area.
In between all this, Prof Ram met this motorcycle taxi driver. He lost his father and four brothers to Pol Pot’s atrocities. This guy learns english by listening to radio, reading newspapers and repeating every sentence that Prof Ram uttered. He does not go to the local school because they all have flawed pronunciation. He wants to move from bike to a taxi. And he is working hard at it.

What leads to innovation?
Do you realise what kind of competitors you’re pitted against?

You might have read lots of theory, many brands but, remember there is only one brand and that is you.