>Mammo by Shyam Benegal


Watched a beautiful movie “Mammo” by Shyam Benegal. Amazing acting by Farida Jalal. Liked a particular song by Jagjit Singh “Ye faasle teri galiyon”. Inserting the YouTube link here.

Hope everyone likes it.


>Calicut Mini Marathon 2011


Completed another mini marathon (10km) yesterday. Took me around 50 min. Came 2nd among IIM K folks. Fellow ‘F’cuker Devang beat me this time:) It was better organized as compared to last year. Considering that this is the 2nd year that it has been organized by Social Service Group of IIM K, I’m sure that it’ll only get better in the years to come.
I had clocked the same time last year also but the difference was the ease with which we could finish the race this time. Both Devang and me think that it’s time we start thinking of half-marathon. Amen.

Few images:

>दादा! ऑन युवर बर्थडे…


तुम्हारी यादों में घिरी
तुम्हारी बेटी
अक्सर फफक पड़ती है
मुझसे सवाल करती है
विभिन्न तरह के सवाल
मैं निरुत्तर, असहाय, बेबस
क्या समझाऊं उसे
जबकि मैं खुद असमंजस में हूँ |

हालाँकि हम कभी मिल नहीं पाए
एक छोटी औपचारिक भेंट तक नहीं
फिर भी अनेक तस्वीरें देख कर
एक चेहरा बनाया है तुम्हारा
पर कभी कोई आवाज़ नहीं जोड़ पाया
उस चेहरे से |

कई दफ़ा उस से पूछ्ता हूँ
खुद से पूछ्ता हूँ
” क्या तुम्हें मैं पसंद आता
क्या हमारी आपस में बनती
क्या होता हमारी परिचर्चा का विषय?”
हर बार एक चुप्पी मिलती है जवाब में
और मैं उसे सहेज कर रख लेता हूँ
दिल के किसी कोने में
तुम्हारा आर्शीवाद समझ कर ||

>Lal Chowk, J&K

>One is allowed to hoist Pakistan’s flag but is prevented from hoisting the tricolour.
I would say, “Its Lal Chowk today. It will be entire Jammu and Kashmir tomorrow.” An immature government headed by a spineless CM in the state. As far as the central government is concerned- less said, the better.

>On Kashmir – Part 1

>There goes Arundhati Roy again… I agree that our politicians have not handled the issue wisely. Starting with Nehru, everybody failed Kashmir and the people of Kashmir through false promises, lies and deceit. Below I try to present a brief history of Kashmir. Much of it comes from my learning in Prof Mathews class in Social Transformation of India course in 1st term at Kozhikode.

Akbar annexed Kashmir in 1586 AD. Kashmir has been under the subjugation of Afghans, Sikhs and Dogras. Now, it’s India’s turn. History of Kashmir is bound in Shaivite Hinduism. Lal Ded (1320-1392) was a Shaivite woman saint who struggled against orthodoxy. Local sufi order was called as Silsila-e-Rishiyan which consisted of Muslim saints of Kashmir. Sheikh Nuruddin was another saint who believed that Hindus and Muslims should leave peacefully. The famous shrine in Kashmir Charar-e-Sharief is the shrine of this greatest saint of Kashmir. Syncretic traditions were established in Kashmir. Preservation of relics, recitation in chorus, prayer with folded hands. There were many female disciples also. Dahat Bibi had debated with Mir Mohammad Hamadani on “futility of rituals”. After the demise of Sheikh Nuruddin, 360 rishis had come to pay their homage. Rishi Latifuddin took non-violence to extremes. Rishi Payamuddin set up a free order of community kitchen for poor which still exists at Tangmaarg.